STGCC Weekend (Day 1)
Date: Tuesday, 3 September 2013 ( 23:43 ) 0 comments

Yosha yosha, STGCC weekend ended on Sunday (and it is already Wednesday) and it has been a tiring but fun-filled weekend. It has been fun prepping and getting excited for STGCC and now it's back to studying real hard. I'm currently a little event-high now, so hopefully this high will push me through my hardcore study.

I cosplayed Fushimi Saruhiko (from K) for both days, but different versions. Initially I didn't plan on going Day 2, seeing as my outfit for Day 2 wasn't very accurate and I was still lacking some other preps but some of my friends were going Day 2 only, so I thought I'd go and say hi to them... Actually the whole thing came about because two of my friends, Hime and Mirai, were planning to meet up early and prepare for cosplay so I ended up joining haha. The comment thread for that FB status ended up being very long x,D
So the plan was I'd be slacking/camping in one corner, looking after all the bags while studying and everyone goes to have fun/frolic around. Which is why I didn't mind going in my second cosplay even though it was not to the accuracy I liked. But this is Day 2 details, so I will save that for later, and go into Day 1 first! (Will blog separate posts for both days, to reduce length lol)

Cosplay: Fushimi Saruhiko (K), SCEPTRE 4 uniform. (My friend cosplayed Yata Misaki)

redjuice's stage segment!! I have been a fan of redjuice's artwork since 2010? Which isn't painfully long, but at least I didn't start from Guilty Crown /hit.
He did a live painting on his gear (that he courier-ed over from Japan homg. Everything. The computer and the tablet, which is a Cintiq btw, and a whole bunch of wires) on stage! He did the sketch/rough lines first, as you know, it's impossible to draw from scratch in 90 minutes, especially after you see the end work. So the live painting started from tracing the lineart, then it moved on to painting and them he did some rendering and effects.
He uploaded the full artwork on both his FB and pixiv: FB link here
Won't link pixiv because you can't see it if you don't have a pixiv account, whereas FB all can view, so yeah.

It was really really cool watching it live okay. I was just awed. Okay, I did end up spacing out during some parts of the session because I was really tired but I did watch it to the end and it was awesome. Words cannot describe.

Day 1 was a really short day because I only reached STGCC at 3:30? We reached Marina Bay Sands at around 3, but I have to change into costume and walked around looking for a toilet that wasn't crowded. I was also really hungry since we didn't eat lunch. I was going all "ミサキ お腹空いた。 ミサキ、食わせて。ミサキ食べていいの?" wwwwwww well she can't understand that because she doesn't know Japanese ROFL. She's learning now though. redjuice's stage was at 3:45pm, and it ended at 5:20pm, so the day was almost gone! We walked around abit, and discovered a poster of Fushimi and Misaki in the event hall! Yes we took a picture with it LOL. Some people asked for photos with us that day as well, but not many. I think it was 3?

Oh, and there was this other pair of Fushimi and Misaki cosplayers, the Fushimi spotted my Misaki and went "Mii~ saaa~ kiii↑" really loudly. No joke. HAHA. Apparently he went around doing that every Misaki he spotted. My friend got freaked out x,D. The second time he did that I was like "Leave my Misaki alone!*wraps arms around protectively*" LOLOLOL. It was fun.

The day ended such, and I left for dinner. =w=

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