STGCC Weekend! (Day 2)
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STGCC Day 2 post here yo.

Cosplay for Day 2 was Fushimi Saruhiko (K) spoon2Di poster military uniform version. YEEEEP. I saw the poster (and I do have it up on my wall) and decided I wanted to cos that. My costume wasn't very accurate (seeing as I own the A1 size poster, I do see the details) but since I was just camping and looking after bags (as mentioned in previous post here) I didn't mind going in that costume. I wasn't expecting to have photos taken, but I still brought some props just in case (LOL). The prop was a gun (and I have a toy gun from my Basket Army cosplay) and I also brought out Saru's knives.

Arrived at MBS at 10:30~11am because I woke up late. I went out in my wig, because I didn't want to flatten the styling. It was hard to put on make up later x,D Changed and put on make up in the toilets, then went to event hall. Because they didn't open Hall A for cosplayers, we found a corner to slack out the hall first. Mirai's photog friends came over to shoot Mirai, and then they also shot me! Wasn't expecting that at all! And most of them were photogs I already heard of from my friends or my friend's friends. I did see a friend Anthony (STILL COSTOGRAPHY) later on though, but didn't manage to get a shoot with him.
It was a super new experience for me (no shoot experience at all. Or at least, solo, because last year STGCC Basket Army we one whole team got a lot of photogs, even got photog walls lol, but that was easy, because I had the same expression: a frown. /hit) But for Fushimi I had to look slightly 狂ってる(??omg I can't find a suitable English word) somewhat like the "yan" in "yandere"? so it was harder to do a good expression. And my expression ended up being the same the whole day lol TTuTT The photogs were all very nice people =w= and I got some really nice photos and I'm so happy for that. Alot of people (by my standards) asked for photos as well (of and with me) so happy~~ And there were many cute/good incidents from that.

I actually spotted a Homra Saru in Hall A (they opened it up at around 12:30?) when camping and I was like "Ehh Homra-hiko! So cute" but obviously I couldn't move lol. Plus I was actually really shy about asking other people to take photos with ie zipai because I DIDN'T KNOW THAT PEOPLE DID THAT. I sound like I'm really out of date right. Yes I am. (anti-social girl. Half a decade in the hobby but knows so little people. Which is why I'm very thankful for KiraCandy /digress)
Anyway, I saw her walking around Hall A la, but I just stayed where I was, and then later she came over (with her friends, cosplaying different series) and asked for a photo with me!! Wah I was so surprised and super honoured okay!! We exchanged a few lines, and then just nice this photog came over and asked for a photo. Hoho Homra-hiko and military uniform Saru. It was a nice experience, because it's like so impromptu and then you pose for a photo with someone you just met like 10 seconds ago ROFL. She was also quite good with her cosplay. =w=

I went to walk around the event hall later, because I wanted redjuice's autograph, so I went to his booth (and Mirai's boyfriend was working there. Geez all the lobangs he gets) and got a postcard (and all the artbooks were sold out anyway so I couldn't get them even if I wanted to). I returned later around 4 plus (redjuice's walk of fame was at 5PM but I went to check if a queue line has formed.) and 5. One of the times I went back, these 3 girls actually ran up to me (from the back, and they were saying "excuse me!" and I saw them running towards me when I turned omggg (/w/)) and asked for a photo! And they were so adorable okay haha. I think they may be Lower Sec age? Not sure haha.

When I was sitting in Hall A, there was this family slacking nearby too (I think the dad is a photog, so they brought the kids over. AND THEY WERE SO CUTE. And the son is only probably about 4,5? and his dad entrusts him with a DSLR and he actually has the flair. Not bad.) So this older sister (well she looked older) asked for a photo with me and SHE WAS SO CUTE LA OMG. And then the brother took the shot. He shot twice, then the girl went off, but he continued to shoot omg so cute can hahaha. I ended up didn't know what to do so omg I think I was super OOC, but hey man, it's a lil kid la just do something for fun lor haha. The mum thanked me later on, but it was really nothing.

Another random thing was that this guy asked for a photo and I obliged (he bowed 90degree later on omg and held it. wanted to return the favour but it was a bit hard to bow that low in my outfit + later my hat drop off lol), THEN, when I was about to sit, this photog gave me a signal la, and he was actually 5? metres away, and just shot me from where I was haha. He was also quite a nice guy. Don't really remember his face though. I suck at that.

OH OH. And sometime around 2-3pm, Mirai's friend came over to say hi and have a chat, and I decided to eat my canned tuna while listening to them talk, and then. This Caucasian guy walked by and took a photo LOLOL. I was offended at first la, obviously, because hello, eating canned tuna lika unglam only can. Plus people talking leh. Still got flash somemore. So Mirai's friend said that he could ask for a photo and we'd pose for him, and his reply was, "'s alright to shoot you guys like that, eating and all; a candid shot..." I was like "okay.....*sweatdrop*" srsly. LOL cannot even be offended hahah.

Around 6pm I was walking around Hall A looking for a friend, then this girl asked for photo with me uwaa. She was really excited(? well it seemed like to me) and she asked to confirm if I was cosplaying Fushimi and she said I "look[ed] really really good". omg!!! *shy shy shy* I was really surprised and then she and her 2 friends also took pictures of me. And she asked for a coscard! (actually quite a few asked for it over the day as well) BUT I has none. TT_TT I didn't make a coscard because I had no cosplay to print a coscard of, and also I didn't have a page (and I don't really fancy adding everyone on FB since my FB is more of "People I know in RL") and no WorldCos (I do have a CURE but it's not a cosplayer account yet uhu) so yeah. SADLY. I was so so so apologetic and felt so bad leh!! I feel so sorry to all the lovely people who asked for it ;_;

After that last round around Hall A, I went back, and. SAW THIS FREAKING GOOD LOOKING SEBASTIAN (Kuroshitsuji) NEAR WHERE WE WERE CAMPING. LIKE REALLY. GOOD. REALLY. I immediately spazzed to Mirai, and her friend, who were next to me at that time. Srsly. I was saying I wanted to take a photo with him so bad, and he's damn good looking LOL. Gosh now thinking about it, that's really.... out of character (LOL!!!) for me! Usually I don't show this side of me to people hahaha. Yeah anyway I ended up asking for a photo. It's on my Instagram. Also had a quick chat with him and. HE ONLY STARTED COSPLAYING LESS THAN HALF A YEAR AGO WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F. And his make up is. omggg. I really cannot stand people who draw the eyes damn well okay *hot tears* Like draw on double eyelid crease. Actually that's the only thing I haven't tried to do. I keep forgetting to buy brown eye liner. (ettusais gonna release gel automatic liner, so I'm gonna get theirs) Oh, and he's damn tall. Yup. 惚れました

This entry is getting so long I don't even lol. But I just want to remember all the happy first-time experiences and memories!! So many lovely people.

redjuice autograph session you don't say. And I managed to speak in Japanese with him for abit!! Damn happy. Because last year when PIKO came I couldn't squeeze out a word except thank you at the end because he had this whole entourage (being a singer and all) and it was like. damn nervous la.
So I told redjuice that because the artbooks were sold out (and I was super kuyashii over it) so I could only buy the postcard (and he said it was alright, like in the manner he didn't expect everyone to buy artbook, like yeah) and then told him I followed him on pixiv and he said thank you in such a grateful/humble manner omggg!! Japanese people. And yes, I said it in son-keigo. Below is what I said: (I did say ano ano and he was so nice, he listened to me and I was like, omg you can just sign while I struggle over my Japanese LOL)
"悔しいですが、イラスト本は完売されました。(はい、そうです*x sign*)だから、ポストカードしか買えなかった(あっ、それは大丈夫です!)pixivでもredjuiceさんのpixivをフォローさせて頂きます!(あっ、ありがとうございます!)"
Srsly, I can't. He's like a DAMN NICE PERSON. I DON'T EVEN. DAMN NICE. I really wanted to tell him I follow him on pixiv because it's easier than saying I've been a fan for very long (lol). Plus he actually doesn't publicise his pixiv nowadays (not sure when he stopped it) so it's kinda easy to tell if you've been a long fan. He was one of the first few people I followed. I think 3rd or 4th, aside from pixiv management lol.

YEAH. I LOVE redjuice. Was really excited when I heard STGCC bringing him over y'know!
Oh, so I got a photo w/ him (so rare that Japanese people will allow photos; last year PIKO's was no pictures nor recording... but maybe cus he's an artiste under management..) and I was super happy. Spazzed on Insta later hahaha.

After the event, Mirai and I headed to redjuice's booth to wait for Jimu, and we saw redjuice again~~ He wrote on the booth's wall and I insta-ed it. Later on I managed to talk to him again, and I told him that I really love his art style "こんばんは、さっきの軍服コスをしたんです。(he rmb me! or at least I would like to think, plus I think I was the only military uniform coser so yeah.)redjuiceさんの絵柄が憧れです!" AND HE WAS SUPER HUMBLE ABOUT IT HE SAID ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU IN THE MOST GRATEFUL IDE MANNER. (I also left a comment on his pixiv this evening after he uploaded the STGCC livepaint, but didn't say who I was la)

Damn happy la srsly. This is also why I'm so event-high. HAHA If I didn't go for Day 2 I think I wouldn't be so high lor LOL.
Really had a lot of fun. Had alot of good experiences. Experienced alot of things for the first time!!

Okok. Oh, and Mirai cosplayed Fate from Nanoha (whoo) and Hime cosplayed Marceline from Adventure Time with Toshiro as Marshall.
AH. Saw Ryuto-kun at the event too. It was quite funny, how we met that day. Basically we were still outside the event hall, and I was sitting down looking after the bags, and then I noticed someone approaching in my direction. Looked up and saw it was Ryuto! HAHAH. And then she was like "Eh!" then told her friend "Ya it's my friend" LOL. Got chided abit cus I didn't tell her I was gonna cosplay military uniform Saru x,D Gomen, Ryuto! She wanted to cos this version as well. Btw she was doing child!Noctis that day. I think she was probably walking towards me because she saw a military Saru then wondered if it was me after getting closer.

Okok this post is getting too wordy! Sorry to hurt your eyes! D: It's mainly for my memories, so sorry orz

Will be updating a new post with new make up purchases recently, and also generally what books I got over the last month or so. ((:

*LIY でした

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