Lucky Star shoot with Terumi
Date: Thursday, 12 December 2013 ( 00:54 ) 0 comments

Here again with a post on my recent Lucky Star photoshoot with Terumi-chan!
We did it the shoot near the residence where Terumi is currently staying in. Terumi cosplayed Konata and I was pulled in last-minute (originally just wanted to saikang then she asked me to cosplay with her LOL!) so I managed to borrow the costume from a friend and cosplayed Kagami~

We didn't prepare much props. I brought a few manga/a novel, and borrowed the newspaper from the place :p Terumi also prepared a (ended up being inedible) chocolate coronet, by buying hotdog bread, because the bread was shaped like the coronet bun, and stuffed some chocolate cream in it.
Terumi also insisted on taking many shots with the coronet LOL.

The shoot was very laid-back and we had a lot of fun! I haven't gone around to editing much photos yet (only 2 for coscard and 1 which I just uploaded on facebook and world cos).

I think I'm getting worse at writing lol.
Anyway, I'll update again with some translations/notes/tips I recently learnt from COSMODE?

EOY is also coming this Sunday, and I will be going!

*LIY でした

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