Comic Fiesta Experience (2 Days)
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Finally, I'm updating with my Comic Fiesta experience.
I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Comic Fiesta last December with a couple of friends (one of them is Mirai, and you can read her blog entry here!)

It was my first time going to an event overseas, and it was very fun! Well, part of it was going out with my friends haha. We are all pretty mature people so it was alright staying in the same room for 3 nights. Our room did get very messy though, wig fibres everywhere, makeup, luggage and costumes hahaha. We felt bad for the person cleaning our room, but we didn't have time to pack up after changing into cos.

For the first day, I cosplayed Senbonzakura (千本桜) MEIKO (Vocaloid). Mirai was Miku, and we had a KAITO and Luka. We were searching for Rin and Len up to the day before departure haha. We did see a 2 solo Rin and Len though, and contemplated roping them in to walk around together wwww. I was expecting many more Senbonzakura cosplays, especially of Miku, but KAITO seemed to be very popular...

We went to sit in for the cosplay panel featuring stayxxx, YUEGENE FAY, Xrystal and Onnies. I was really excited for stayxxx because I really love the series she cosplays. Especially Tegami Bachi!! I really liked her Tegami Bachi cosplay and she came in that cosplay for the panel ;u; (I couldn't see much though bc we were sitting by the side and then managed to get a proper seat but still kena blocked) BUT IT'S ALRIGHT, because Studio Omoshiroi did a cosplay video of CF and it featured stayxxx!! Intense fangirling ensued when I watched the video.
I also bought a FREE! anthology doujinshi there, from Manda-chan. I saw it at AFA, decided not to buy, then EOY, also decided not to buy, THEN I see it at CF, come on man, 3 times alr, just get it. LOL.

After the panel, we decided to head back to our hotel actually. For both days we didn't stay very long at the event hall.

Day 2!
Day 2 was Ririchiyo from InuBoku SS. Supposed to have a Karuta, but she didn't go together with us so I was just solo-ing and walking with Mirai and Jim (Heel Siblings from Skip Beat!) Planned to go for livetune's panel, but didn't make it in time so we just walked around the artists' booths. I bought a net ball (Pokemon) badge =w=
Next year I must bring more money to buy doujin stuff. Saw a lot of nice thingggggssss ;_;

I really like my Ririchiyo cosplay, but I'm bad at looking good in photoshoots ;_; oh well.
Had a shoot with my Karuta in the hotel after leaving Comic Fiesta, and then it was off to dinner (in cos, lol)~
Ah, it was my birthday on CF Day 2 as well =w= It was a very good birthday spent. Though honestly I forgot it was my birthday and it was just a normal day for me. Honestly.

Shopped alot while in KL, some makeup, and also last-min half lashes for my MEIKO cos LOLOL bc my last pair died on me and I didn't have time to go buy it before flying.
The most expensive thing I bought was BURBERRY Brit Sheer perfume at KLIA duty-free shop (S$96). I busted like half of my ringgit that's why I was like broke after the first day orz. Regretted it. Should have bought in SG with my own money lol (but the ringgit is my dad's money, so I kinda like spent his money lol which I prefer to /hit)

Oh, ate a snowman doughnut from Dunkin' Donut in Changi Airport before departure. It was very cute. (lol)

I shall leave you with the snowman doughnut and end this post here!
*LIY でした

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