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Date: Sunday, 5 April 2015 ( 22:16 ) 0 comments

I actually haven't written a proper entry since like omg, 10 months ago. WOW.
And what events have transpired since then..
Well, I bought a lot of coses, and I have not gone out to shoot them at all. Yep. I should really do that... And also the Grell cos I was rushing out for Anime Matsuri, I haven't done a shoot for that either. Gosh.

I went to quite alot of events last year as well, and my life was really revolving around anime, cosplay and events. It was actually a pretty good lifestyle. But well, I have to advance somewhere, haha. So I can't play as much this year. Also went to Comic Fiesta again, stayed in Traders Hotel. I think that's about it... All the stuff I've been doing last year.. Cosplay and events... Okay looking at it like that, that is really not a healthy lifestyle.

This year, I went to Japan in March! For 4 days! Because I had a flight delay! (cry-laughs) I wonder if I should blog about that. Maybe I will.

Over the 10 months I have also bought some utaite CDs.. I should get around to romanising them. So far I've only done Wotamin's.

Sometimes I feel like doing a proper blog, with a theme, but I'm too lazy to maintain it, so I'll just keep this chapalang thing a while longer (lol). I also feel like making videos sometimes.. ah well.
Oh yeah, I found a new mic to buy! Was planning on getting the AT-2020 but the USB ver was sold out where I planned to get it so I didn't. And then while chatting with some friends from my sound team, they recommended a Snowball, so I suppose I'll get that. I mean, I don't really need a really fantastic mic. Honestly, I thought the mic on my Macbook was okay, until I listened to my recordings on a pair of headphones and realised that okay, I should get a proper mic. Seriously. But I still don't need anything fancy. And I really don't want to get an interface. So. I guess that was good. I'll get a Snowball.

I supposed the next few entries will be utaite CDs and my 4 days in Japan. Also, I have gotten too lazy to blog about magazines and my purchases anymore, lol.


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