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Hello hello~ lately I've been only talking about stuff I've bought. That's not good huh, hahaha.
Anyway, the other day I finally got my butt off and read the interview with Miyano Mamoru in PASH! March about "Saruhiko's Love". And I think that, like. Hmmm how should I put it. Alright, basically in the interviewe they asked Miyano-san about Saru, but it's only with regards to his own opinion, so like it's not as if that's the actual character setting for Saru by GoRa. But, anyway, what I think about Saru and what Miyano-san thinks about Saru match hahaha that's just what I wanted to say lol. Really love Fushimiiiii. I think we're kind of alike. /hit except I'm less extreme. 多分.
So anyway, that was the only interview I managed to read in PASH!, or rather, it was the only thing I had the motivation to read.... lol. Poor attention span. But I took half an hour to read one page lol. If it was in English I would have finished it in 5 minutes. I don't know if I should upload a transcript translation because I'm bad at translating. =3= どうする〜 But I haven't seen any such translations online (tumblr at least).

Oh, and on 1st April, my items from CDJapan arrived! (And I wasn't around to collect it either hurhur). I bought root5's 1st album ROOT FIVE. I got the Limited Edition one. Came with a charm wristlet~ I'm guessing that the charm comes in 5 designs, for each member. I got Pokota's. (I really wanted Mi-chan's one though...) It has Pokota's trademark kaomonji on it.
And I also got the Shueen Project's Re:Write album! Got the limited edition one for Suzumu's arrangements (I apologise to 150P-san).
Inside of the album!

And there's also a small booklet, and this is a page introducing some of the key items in the whole Shuuen no Shiori storyline.

And this are the 2 CDs and 1 DVD in the album. (I haven't played the DVD because it's not coded for my region, so I have to change my DVD drive to region-2 but I only have a limited number of times I can change my region so. haiiz. Maybe I could borrow a DVD player from a friend or something.)

Moving on to last weekend~ On Saturday I went to Orchard Road to walk around -- okay, I planned to go Kinokuniya ok. Yeah, so I went Kinokuniya with the purpose to ask about when spoon2Di Vol 33 will be arriving and if they will bring in PRINCE Animage Spring 2013 (because I've never seen it in Kino before) but
I bet Kino knows that K is super popular in Singapore because everything was STOCKED.
So yeah. And it was good I bought from Kino because I just went AmazonJP to check how much it would be after shipping + handling and HENG AH. I saved $9 lol (after including my Kino membership discount).
And actually to be honest, I think K is actually pretty popular in Singapore, especially since KANAME☆ cosplayed Saru, and came to AFA SG cosplaying him (I was so damn happy. Yes. Like yeah. And KANAME☆ is so adorbs.) and also there was a K booth at AFA (and I didn't get anything because I was awfully broke at that period of time and a K stage segment.

ALRIGHT! Onward to the magazines:
別冊spoon 2Di Vol 33

The front cover featured ENE-chan~ and there was a special furoku - a Kagerou Project clear file~
There's a special 20page feature on Kagepro, and I flipped through it (because I'm lazy, sorry) and there are snippets of the storyboards for Yobanashi Deceive and Lost Time Memory in it! And character profiles for everyone! As well as a 50-qn interview with Jin (Shizen no Teki P).
ShuuenPro is also in this issue!! Includes interview with Suzumu.
And a KARNEVAL feature (been meaning to read the manga but. ==" haiiz. How does one suck at being otaku /slapped). AND. An interview with Miyano Mamoru about him voicing Yogi for the anime.
MAGI and Psycho Pass are also in it. (Yes I haven't watched Psycho Pass argh OTL) And and, a collection of the tweets that the GoRa members have been tweeting for K. (Yay for me, because I didn't follow their tweets at all lol x,D I tend to not follow Japanese twitter accounts even utaite/Producers I really like because it's tiring, gomennnasai.)
And if you haven't heard of RDG (Red Data Girl), I think you should check it out!! I watched the PV and it's pretty cool. It starts airing this month.

OH OH. Speaking of new anime, I heard that Kyoukai no Kanata (animated by KyoAni homg) is becoming an anime!!! I saw the 30seconds CM and fell in love.

Other stuff in spoon2Di include AURA (i have no idea what is this about) and UtaPri 2000% (have you watched STARISH's "debut concert" PV? I'm really sorry to UtaPri fans but I can never take them seriously. I LOLed when I watched MajiLove1000% for the first time, and when my friend shared the new OP on FB, I watched it and laughed too, sumimasen.) and a few other interviews~ (as you can tell, my concentration drops once it reaches the back).
Oh, and the back cover is ShiroKuro, in the same style as the previous spoon2Di. The posters in it are 1 of that back cover, and another one with Totsuka and Kusanagi (hshs /hit).

ONWARD! To Prince Animage Spring 2013:
Basically Amazon sent me an email on "Recommended items for you based on your past purchase history" and yeah. Saw the cover, read the headlines, and was like "Buying." Yupp. (T▽T)
The furoku with this issue is a set of 2 reversible desk mats, featuring K and Psycho Pass!
Side note: If any magazine or whatnots comes out w like a furoku feat S4 I think I would really go siao. I love S4 almost abit more than the main characters omg lol
But yeah. Those two items are desk mats. Like who would use them as desk mats please. (maybe one day I will lol, because I have a habit of eating in my room, and my table's wooden so I can't put hot stuff on it. when desk mats come in handy)
And also there is a poster of the cover page illustration included. (but Fushimi, why your pose so gay -lol crying-)
Prince Animage is bound using staples, so the posters were easy to take out this time. Except that I had to remove the entire magazine, so yeah, it's impossible to return the staples to the holes so now my magazine is un-bound.

Poster designs are of Inzuma Eleven GO, Cardfight Vanguard, Tamako Market (which is almost like some otome game poster bc it's Mochizou lying on a bed looking at you, hugging Dera (and you are supposedly on the bed with him so yeahhhh like, you get the idea?), and Hetalia, KARNEVAL, Devil Survivor 2 and Psycho Pass.
And Hetalia and K are printed on the same paper OTL
So for this Animage, there's a pretty big K feature, such as a dialogue session with the 7 people of GoRa, long interview w Suzuki Shingo, and there are also mini postcard-size illustrations in the magazine by the various animators of GoHands, with their comments~ (basically all saying "Thanks for supporting/watching K" and to look forward to the sequel. Btw, Suzuki Shingo has really neat handwriting. But it's damn small. [so to be really honest I didn't really read what he wrote i'm sorrrryyy])
tbh, most of the anime magazines feature the same things so I feel really repetitive when telling you what's on the cover lol ^^; But anywaaaay.
Features: MAGI, Kuroko no Basket, Psycho Pass, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Cardfight Vanguard, Hetalia, InaEle, KARNEVAL, Devil Survivor 2, Danball Senki Wars, UtaPri2000%, Tamako Market.
Interviews with: Yuuki Kaji on Alibaba from MAGI, Terashima Takuma on UtaPri2000% & Miyano Mamoru on UtaPri2000%, Tamaru Atsushi on Ooji Mochizou from Tamako Market, a combined interview with 3 seiyuus of Cardfight Vanguard - Yoshino Hiroyuki, Yonaga Tsubasa, Nara Tooru. And also you shouldn't unbind your book because the pages are gonna fall out and hit you on the nose or poke your neck and it hurts. orz
And there's this one-page corner on a cross-dressing cafe in Tokyo lol. It's called EIGHTY PLUS ONE (80 plus 1). And apparently guys can't enter during their cafe operating hours wow. They have a BAR TIME which is from 6PM - 10PM.
That's about it I guess.

Oh, and I discovered this video interview with Akira (models for KERA, and other brands/magazines). Akira's my favourite model in KERA, and I really admire her!

Alright! I shall end this post here today. I had Chemistry practical today. It was pretty tiring. (゚´Д`゚)゚ I think that practical is really tiring. Haiiz. But it's a requirement for A levels so I shall do my best and get the maximum marks possible.
明日もがんばります ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Tomorrow is Physics practical... Well Physics is easier than Chemistry...

Really tired and I need to sleep nao so, goodnight~

*LIY でした

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