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SO. I haven't done a proper post in really long and.... well... I think I'm really boring LOL. /hit

So anyway, KOC II in Tokyo (TRC) is coming soon!!! I hope my proxy will go to the event because some of my favourite circles are including novelties with their doujinshi. I'll probably mail-order instead for some of the circles though, because I can't afford the commission for so many circles ;v; I'll be getting an anthology through the event instead I think, because 100+ pages doujins somehow cost a lot more expensive when ordering from doujin sites. And I saw the novelty that the circle which organised(?) the anthology put up, for KOC II Osaka and it's so cute I want it ;_; I hope that KOC II will have that novelty too..

OHYES. And end of year Kuala Lumpur (KL) event Comic Fiesta! I'll be going to that event with a few of my friends. =w= wktk. First time going to an overseas convention. And first time going to KL lolol. I've only been to Penang, Johor Bahru and Malacca. Always wanted to go KL and see see.
The plans for that event will be Senbonzakura Meiko for Day 1 and Inu x Boku SS Ririchiyo for Day 2! Initially, my friend Mirai and her boyfriend planned to cosplay Senbonzakura Miku and Kaito, then when I asked Nanami about our cosplans, Nanami decided to cosplay with them so we ended up with a group cos fufu. But because we are tall people, we couldn't cosplay Rin/Len. (I still want to cosplay Senbonzakura Rin though, one day..) So we decided to cosplay Luka and Meiko, since they are tall characters hahaha! Now I want to cos Geisha Meiko... but the costume is so expensive and the wig is hard to find.. I might have to buy a normal long wig and style it myself orz. We are also planning a photoshoot for this~
As for the Inu x Boku SS cosplay, I'll be cosplaying with Nanami who will be doing Karuta.

Excited for Comic Fiesta and visiting KL! Malaysia's a scary place, but I've been to Malacca and JB... Like okay leh. But when I told my mum she was like telling me all the horror stories about crimes in Malaysia orz

Yesterday I also did a make-up costest for Ciel Phantomhive Robin version. I actually stuck on double false lashes wwww I put on one of Springheart's false lashes, then Diamond Lash half-lashes, and two different Dolly Wink bottom lashes wwwww It was quite uncomfortable lol. And I tried the gluestick method for concealing eyebrows. It's a pretty hard method to do properly. And I used so much concealor covering that damn thingggg!!
Oh, and seriously I think one can never get enough of makeup I'm just gonna go broke buying makeup zz =="
KATE released this new colour for their eyebrow mascara Eyebrow Colour In (?) and it's "skintone beige". I tried it out on my brow (yes because I have side fringe so it covers up like half of my face if I'm not careful. Kinda annoying. I don't know how anime characters do it) AND IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD. Well obviously you still get the eyebrow shape so I'll have to conceal it if I want to draw new brows... I'm actually pretty tempted to get my brows plucked and trimmed thinner the next time I get them done. =="

I also want to get some items from ettusais. Next time. And I also want to try this face powder selling in SASA. But it's so expensive it's $44.

Need to buy lenses too~~ (wait has this become a shopping list?!

OH YES. I've been watching FREE! and I think it's really a KyoAni anime to the end because it keeps making me laugh! Like Tamako Market (K-On not counted because it's adapted from a manga). And the guys are so good-looking and the art is actually really nice and also I realised on Friday that I'm actually older than high-school boys now so I'm like pedo-ing Makoto and Rin why. And I really like the ED Magi rip-off ARABIAN version and I want to cos that but it exposes the midriff I need to get some form of abs. My friend (are we friends, can we be considered friends? HMM I'd like to think of her as my friend but I'm not sure about her? But I guess we are lol) cosplayed ED Rin and I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE PHOTOS o(*w*)o
I know it's a really "over-hyped" anime and everyone's talking about it and it's like fujoshi fodder blabla but I'm watching it because I like swimming (I actually like watching shows with plot focusing around swimming esp competitive swimming) and it's KyoAni man! How can you not like KyoAni?! I'm actually looking forward to the animation for another of their CMs, Kyokai no Kanata. Ayakashi-themed leh! How can you not like. (Sigh, so many anime to watch. How do the Japanese keep up man. I'm like @A@ and I need to study ahh(悲鳴

Ah. Cannot. I really don't know how people manage to accomplish so much (actually I do. I should be slapped haiiz. I also want to learn butterfly. I never managed to master it because I couldn't get my basic form right. Maybe I should take up swimming lessons/refresher courses. I can only swim frogstyle properly www

Time to stop being so guzu, start being more productive!! A levels, cosplans, photoshoots (so that I can finally print coscard, and also I prefer photoshoot cosing now, unlike last time where I only considered cosplaying for events only, because last time I didn't know any photogs ahaha super anti-social. I digress), planning to draw more and blog more and sing more! (and hopefully dance!)

OH YA I actually forgot this.
I'll be making my K Fushimi Saruhiko SCEPTER 4 sabre from scratch (4 weeks to go!). I'm thinking of uploading progress shots, and maybe vague/rough explanations or directions on what I'm doing. But I'll be referring to various sword-making tutorials (AH AND I HAVE TO MAKE THE SHEATH TOO CRAP I keep forgetting about it. Does anywhere in Singapore sell sheaths. orz Because I really don't know how to make the sheath with the materials available in Singapore... need to hunt around more maybe uhu TT_TT)
Well yeah. There you have it. Excited to cosplay Fushimi and nervous because what if I can't look ikemen. I need to lost fat in my face. ==" Lose weight lose weight....

Righto! It's 1AM and I shall go to bed soon.

*LIY でした

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