Cosfest Christmas / GE3
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So I spent my last weekend of 2013 at Cosfest Christmas and GE3 (for work)!
I went to Cosfest Christmas on 28 Dec (for the Cosplay Running Man!).
Had to report at 10:45am to register, then return later for the start of the event. At around 1plus, they began the random allocation of team members for the running man. They had a box with coscards and cards written with the cosplayers' names for those without coscards, submitted during registration. And the group leaders will just pick out one card at a time.

I got into YUEGENE FAY's group! So lucky! :D I've been a fan of her since 2008, when I first got into subculture, and my friend introduced YUEGENE's cosplay to me. Really happy to be able to see her in person and even take a photo and I GOT HER COSCARD homg.

So anyway, the cosplay running man had a bunch of missions and different amount of points are given for each mission completed and basically we choose which ones to do and had to take a group photo w every mission completed and upload on Cosfest's FB.
It was very fun. Though I kind of felt sorry(?), bad? for the regular shoppers in Bugis+ who were all definitely very bewildered by the cosplayers running around the mall.
JOJO was also very popular, and there were a few missions where you needed to do JOJO poses lol. There was one where you had to hold a JOJO pose (I think it's Jotaro's? the lean back with one hand pointing forward) for 45 seconds. My abs hurt later that night and I'm very sure it's bc of JOJO pose.

YUEGENE is a really friendly and nice person. Yup. Really like her. Hahas.
Also made a few friends at the event (my group mates la lol).

After the event, I had a short shoot for casual Saru (oh yeah, I went for the event in Fushimi Saruhiko cosplay) for a friend who just got to borrow a LEICA and decided to try it out. It was fun~
Also bumped into Shin that day, and he went around shooting people w a NERF gun. I got hit in the face below the lips. OW. And apparently he managed to hit a few other people too. (Sigh)

So the next day, I had work with PIKA PIKA Maid Cafe. Basically, we were hired to be quest givers for their side quest during the event, where visitors had to complete a few tasks on this pamphlet they could get from the entrance or any one of us.
Upon completion of the quest, we gave them a stamp and different amount of stamps can award them different rewards!
We also had an exclamation headband to wear, lol, like an NPC indeed. It was a good experience, got to try out some of the quests myself!

It was a fulfilling weekend indeed! December was a very busy month for me but I had a lot of fun.

*LIY でした

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